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About Us...

A Service Company
itzDATA Solutions and Consultants is a computing specialist. Our goal is to provide a personalised and customised service to cater for the "individual" requirements of our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of IT services and products, primarily aimed at the business and educational and medical sectors.

We specialise in the Microsoft Windows™ and Linux platforms operating systems in both stand-alone and network environments. We are a family owned and operated company and can consult with you for any problem at all, be it hardware, software, peripheral purchase or just plain technology advice.
itzDATA Solutions Offsite Backup

We use and support a  large range of ASUS products. From Motherboards to Laptops.

Full warranty servicing Full warranty servicing Full warranty servicing Full warranty servicing

itzDATA Solutions Offsite Backup Pro-Pro-Active Computing
We pride ourselves in adopting a PRO-ACTIVE approach to your computing needs instead of the usual RE-ACTIVE method employed in so many places today. 

Specialising in medical systems, with support for Medical Director™ and Pracsoft™ Systems and the integration of office networking systems with today's array of technology. We have designed and continue to maintain many busy medical practices and doctors surgeries.

These types of computer applications are mission critical. So much processing of patient data is done online between the doctor and the varying health departments making it important to be available at all times.

Call itzDATA Solutions and Consultants today for advice for all your business technology applications, we are always happy to assist.
itzDATA Solutions Offsite Backup
Our Consultancy Services
Let us design a system for you.
Networking, Connectivity and Communications.
Firewall and Antivirus solutions to protect your system.
VPN and WAN connectivity.
Complete Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to protect your data.
Our Custom Built, Stand Alone, Firewall Machines.
Running on Linux, for as completely secure as possible computing.
itzDATA Solutions Offsite Backup
Our Sales and Services
For all your IT requirements.
Complete Computer Systems. (Design, Installation & Network Integration)
File Servers - Entry level to high end multi-processor units.
Notebooks and PDAs.
Hubs, Switches, Routers and all networking hardware.
Wireless Networking Systems.
Upgrades for your existing hardware.
OfficeStation Thin Client Units.
Asset management of your equipment.
Paperless Office Integrations and Run-Outs.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Web and Email Solutions
Our Web and Email Hosting Services.
ADSL and Broadband connections
We have our Local FAST Web Servers, making your Internet connection faster.
Domain Name, Management, Sales and Hosting.
Web Site Design and Construction.
e-Commerce Sites For Online Sales.
Web Site Management.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Computer Peripherals and Accessories
Web and Email Hosting Services.
LCD monitors and Plasma Screens.
Laser and Inkjet Printers, sales and authorised repairs.
Broadband and ADSL Hardware.
VoIP Telephone Systems.
External Backup Hardware Devices and Accessories.
DVD, Multi-Media and CD Drives and Recorders.
High Speed Scanners, Keyboards and Mouse Products.
Consumables and Stationery.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Software Products
Commercial & Linux Operating Systems.
Firewall and AntiVirus.
Backup and Disaster Recovery.
Terminal Server Printing. (ThinPrint)
Office Suites.
Utility Programs.
Custom Written Data Bases.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Technical Support Help With All Your IT problems
Comprehensive Pre-Sales and After Sales Support.
Telephone, Email and On-Site Support.
Remote Administration for Instant Support.
On-Site Support for all your Hardware, Software and Network Problems.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Maintenance Contracts
Remote monitoring 365/7.
Routine system checks.
Planned and pro-active maintenance for operating systems.
Software Service patch releases and critical updates.
Monitoring and maintaining AntiVirus and Security Protection Systems.
Monitoring of Email and Internet traffic.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Full Emergency Service
To get you up and running quickly.
Fast response times.
Out-of-hours service.
Equipment available for loan or hire.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales
Authorised Resellers
Authorised Alloy VoIP Products reseller.
Authorised HP/Compaq reseller.
Authorised Toshiba reseller.
Authorised IBM dealer.
Authorised EPSON reseller.
Authorised Lexmark reseller.
Authorised Canon reseller.
Authorised MYOB reseller.
Authorised Intel reseller.
Member of the Microsoft Partner Program.
Canon support and authorised service agent.
For Sydney's Southern suburbs through our Network Data Technical Association.
itzDATA Solutions DVD Sales

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